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 about me..."jax" 

My pottery stands as evidence that humans, lived here - working, playing and creating - perfectly imperfect, humbled and in awe of the infinite possibilities born of earth, water, air and fire. I hold every opportunity to sit at my wheel and get dirty as a time to create playfully or dramatically with color and form.  And through this work and play I endeavor to pull back the curtain to reveal what can be, what literally and metaphorically serve, and extend an invitation to others to tap a childlike wonder of the simple intersection where magic and beauty manifest.


Every creative life I’ve lived in this one life influences how I create my pots. And everything I’ve done creatively has influenced me. My singer’s life brings the presence of rhythm, tone, and harmony to my work. My actor’s life expresses emotion, drama, humor, and play. My director’s life offers perspective, guidance, and discovery. Making pots allows these creative aspects to appear as cups, bowls, plates and platters. And in the making, I appear.

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