Stellar Coffee Pour Over Set

If you love coffee, you'll love the flavor of coffee made using this handy black & white duo - the single cup coffee pour over set. It's ideal when you just want to make one really good cup of coffee.


You simply put a #2 coffee filter in the cone, place a scoop of your favorite ground coffee in the filter, pour a little water over the grounds to get them damp. Once damp, fill the cone with water and allow the coffee to drip into the cup. You control the strength by the size of the scoop and the amount of water to fill the size of your cup.


Made on my potter's wheel, painted with colored slip, then carved, my pour over sets make a uniquely designed, one of a kind gift for a coffee drinking friend or yourself.


It's decorative. It's functional. And if it's from Wildhair Pottery, it's also fun.

Stellar Coffee Pour Over Set

  • I use non-toxic, lead free glazes that are food safe on all of my dinner and tableware. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe (when pre-heated with the oven as appropriate). Hand washing, however, is recommended.


    Approximate Dimensions:

    Height: 7" (with pourover)

    Width: 5.25" (incl. handle)