There's nothing like a bright red tomato! And these really glow!


The “Heirloominary Tomato” oil lamp burns any lamp oil, such as clear parrafin oil, suitable for indoor/outdoor burning. Playfully made on a potter’s wheel for your enjoyment, it's made out of a white stoneware clay, and finished with a glaze that fires to a shiny or matte red during the final firing. 


Simply remove the ceramic top that holds the wick. Pour in your oil until the base is approximately half full (or empty, depending on your attitude.) Allow a few minutes for the wick to absorb the oil. Then light.


Occasional trimming of the wick may be required. Adjust the length of the wick with a slight push and twist from the beneath the fire flower.



The bead gets hot so allow the bead to cool after burning before touching it to adjust the wick or replenish the oil.

Use the same precautions when handling as you would use when burning a candle.


Instructions and other information included.

Heirloominary Tomato Oil Lamp

Pick Your Tomato
  • Approximate Height - 4 - 4.5"

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2019 Wildhair Pottery • Jackie Schlicher