Brown Soap Dish
This vertical soap dish was made on my potter’s wheel from a white stoneware clay. Vines were carved into the clay before it dried. The dish was finished with a single commercial shino glaze that fires green in the thicker carved textures on the piece and brown where thinner.

This is an effective and creative way to display bar soap in your bathroom or kitchen. Because the soap rests in the elbow of the dish, it allows the water to run into the tray beneath, keeping the soap from getting yucky.

This soap dish adds a little elegance with its simple design and is right at home near any sink.

Brown Soap Dish

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • Approximate Dimensions:

    Height: 3.5"

    Width: 4.5"

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2019 Wildhair Pottery • Jackie Schlicher

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