Old Gold Tea Pot with Coffee Pour Over

This tea pot was thrown on my potter’s wheel using a dark stoneware clay. It’s finished with a bright antique gold glaze that gives the pot an eye-catching glow in the light.


The lid of this pot is squared just a bit to add a contrast to the roundness of the vessel. The gold glaze runs almost to the base of the pot allowing the character of the clay to show through. The overall look of the pot suggests it has seen a thing or too and perhaps contain a little wisdom, perhaps. It’s not boastful, but does make a great gift.


This versatile tea pot also comes with a coffee pour over giving the option for making coffee or brewing tea.

Old Gold Tea Pot with Coffee Pour Over

  • I use non-toxic, lead free glazes that are food safe on all of my dinner and tableware. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe (when pre-heated with the oven as appropriate). Hand washing, however, is recommended.


    Preheat your tea pot by pouring hot tap water into the pot. To brew tea, add water after it has stopped boiling or just before it boils to avoid the risk of cracking your pot. 


    Do not pour boiling water into the pot. 


    Approximate Dimensions:

    Height: 7" with lid

    Width: 8" (includes handle)


    Pour over:

    Height: 3.5"

    Width: 5.5"